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About Us

At JD's Wings 2 Go, our motto is "Grease hot, we cooking chicken!" ...But we are cooking up more than just that!

Behind the fryers, we prepare our tender, never-frozen chicken wings to golden brown perfection and give them an all over coating of our succulent sauces and savory spices to leave you thinking that JD stands for "Just Delicious." Every chicken wing in our kitchen is prepared with pride, because here at JD's Wings 2 Go, we know that by taking pride in our wings, we are taking pride in YOU. Your experience with us and our food is what we care about the most, and we guarantee to make it an unforgettable one. With our amazing hot wings comes a free serving of amazing, high quality service! Come have a taste of the best hot wings and service in all of Bartlett here at JD's Wings 2 Go!

Our fryers are waiting for you!

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